Here we are.
I still have my mind set on freedom.

“What they don’t understand…She don’t give up…She won’t give up.”

As I processed the depressing news of the election, the photos from Unsung Heroes – Héroes Anónimos, posted last Thursday, were a timely balm for my soul. I needed to be reminded of that uplifting event, and the resilience of Black and Latino communities it highlighted so beautifully. The power of music and dance and celebrating each other cannot be underestimated. I am sharing a few of the photos (taken by Emmanuel Figaro) below, click here to see them all. You can also click here to read the bios of the heroes that were honored. If you feel overwhelmed right now and are not sure what to do, one idea would be to reach out to an unsung hero and ask how you can support their work.

¡Viva la resistencia!

Project Negus
Interpreter Andrea Golden (left) with Community Legacy award recipients Lucia Hinojosa Herndandez (center) and John R. Hayes (right).
Miss Asheville Kahlani Jackson (left), event producer Sheneika Smith of Date My City (center), and Alejandro Padron of Hola Carolina (right).

We who believe in freedom cannot rest.

We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.