Patreon Launch with Love

As a writer, I believe an inclusive, honest narrative is an essential tool as we move towards justice and liberation.

I write for people who believe we can transform society. Much of my work is specifically for white people who are seeking to address white supremacy. Most of my current readers live in Asheville, NC and are looking for opportunities to bridge the social segregation we live within in order to build authentic relationships across cultures.

A frequent topic of my writing is systemic oppression – how it is manifested and how we might dismantle it. I also highlight initiatives led by people of color. With a local focus, my blog posts and events calendar highlight culturally diverse opportunities to engage in community.

I am dedicated to contributing to a new paradigm, motivated by a vision of a collective narrative that is truly collective.

Today I am launching a Patreon page to help sustain my work. I am grateful for my current $3/month subscribers, you have helped carry my writing this far. With Patreon, there is now an opportunity to give support at higher monthly levels. This launch is a necessary step to sustain and expand my efforts.

Since starting my writing career in June 2013, I have published over 140 blog posts and produced 30 articles (and counting). My social reach is currently almost 2,000 people. My work has received accolades for showcasing overlooked stories and people who might otherwise have gone unrecognized. My readers frequently tell me that my writing has shifted their perspectives and behaviors, helping them learn how to do less harm and more good in our community.

Moving forward, my intention is to write more in depth pieces about the dynamics of oppression and the bold alternatives available on the path towards liberation. Additionally, there are inspiring leaders and projects I want write about, controversial opinion pieces to dive into, and stories from community elders to capture.

Illuminate, amplify, and fortify community action for collective liberation.As a Patreon patron, you can choose from a range of incentives, including access to a phone call or one-on-one meeting with me, to discuss any topic you would like to process. There is also an opportunity to attend an annual Patreon party.

Your financial support will allow me to invest time into research, interviews, writing, and publishing transformative content on a consistent basis. It also will go towards time spent maintaining a community events calendar.

Thank you for considering becoming a patron. As you can imagine, I am summoning a lot of courage to put this out there. This ask comes with love, integrity, and purpose.

Support Ami Worthen on Patreon

If you would prefer to make a one-time or recurring gift through PayPal (or a simple credit card charge), you can click here.

Note: If you are a $3/month subscriber and would like to move your subscription to Patreon, let me know and I can cancel your PayPal payment.

All of the content I create will continue to be free and available to all. I value each and every reader. We are all moving towards liberation together.

Ami Worthen. Photo by Makeda Sandford.
Ami Worthen. Photo by Makeda Sandfod.

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  1. Congratulations on taking this step, Ami. I just pledged $25.00 per month. Your community work and your writing are awesome. I hope my pledge can inspire others.



  2. So immensely happy for you! You and your important work deserve to be seen and appreciated by both your immediate and greater community and this step will allow a wider range of support! xo


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