The Asheville Blade is an Asset

asheville bladeThe Asheville Blade ( is a new online media outlet, which has already covered crucial stories and added important perspectives to community conversations. With a slogan of “cutting to the point,” the Asheville Blade is a bold and necessary voice for our town.

Two recent pieces of note are:

Red Lines – an investigative journalism piece by Asheville Blade founder David Forbes
“Racist government programs shaped Asheville’s ‘urban renewal,’ demolishing homes and pushing out thousands. The results still haunt the city today.”


‘Diversity’ is the New Black – an opinion piece by Sheneika Smith
“Asheville’s current approach to diversity is like putting a bandage on a dirty wound. A better way will require a more politically and economically powerful black community — and the city truly addressing some hard history.

I encourage you to read both of these pieces!
You can support the Asheville Blade for as little as $3/month. I did.

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