AVL Public Housing Documentary

public housing documentary
Nicole Hinebaugh, a wonderful person and a true asset to our community, has started a GoFundMe page for a documentary about people living in Asheville Public Housing. It reads:

“This is a project in collaboration with students from Mars Hill College to tell the stories of people living in Asheville’s public housing neighborhoods. Over 6,000 people live in these communities, and yet many of the public housing neighborhoods experience isolation from the rest of the city, resulting in a lack of knowledge and understanding from the general public about their lives and experiences. This is an attempt to capture those stories along with a look at the work being done in these communities with residents to create positive change in their lives.

This GoFundMe campaign seeks to raise funds to provide a stipend to a public housing resident narrator/interviewer and provide incentives to the interviewees to tell their stories as well as some small ancillary expenses.”

I am so glad that Nicole has undertaken this endeavor – these stories need to be told.

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