Mistakes, Updates

If you are a subscriber, you may notice that “Asheville Action” is now “Ami Worthen.” This is a step towards creating a platform for new services and content. As always, the aim will be to illuminate, amplify, and fortify equity-centric initiatives – both in Asheville and beyond!

Mistakes Will Be Made
This has been on my mind: As we engage in the work of dismantling systems of oppression and building a new paradigm, we are going to make mistakes. While that is not new information for any of you, I want to say it again. Because the fear of making mistakes often holds us back from trying. I am certainly one that, by nature, loathes “messing up.” At the same time, through my work, I’ve learned to embrace the discomfort that comes from doing something with good intentions that does not get the desired results, or that even gets someone frustrated or angry with me. I equate that feeling to getting sore muscles from exercising. The discomfort or even pain means strength is being built. We build our strength in the struggle by being bold and gracefully accepting the ache of mistakes when they happen. Because mistakes are necessary steps on the journey towards liberation.

Phyllis Utley. Photo by Emma Grace Moon.

Influential and Inspiring Friends
Last week, the Mountain Xpress presented “Asheville’s eight influentials for 2016.” This group included two friends of mine who I hold in high regard, Tyrone Greenlee and Phyllis Utley. Both are people I see on a regular basis, giving of their highest selves towards a better, more equitable community. Click their names to read their profiles in Xpress, and be prepared to be inspired.

Tyrone Greenlee. Photo by Emma Grace Moon.

Hood Huggers Fall Updates
As you may know, one of my ongoing projects is working with Hood Huggers International. Click here to read Hood Huggers Fall 2016 update. Lots of good stuff going down.

Hood Huggers Donovan and Dylan help with outreach at the Big Crafty.
Hood Huggers Donovan and Dylan helped with outreach at the Big Crafty.

Conscious Comedy Saturday Nights
Recently, Slice of Life Comedy has begun hosting Conscious Comedy night every Saturday, 7 – 9 pm, at The BLOCK off Biltmore, 39 S. Market St. I’m glad to hear this is happening! My pal Grayson Morris hosted the most recent one. From the FB event: “Standup comedy and more. $5 suggested donation – partial proceeds goes to designated nonprofits. Free parking after 5 pm: City Lot at Marjorie/Spruce. Now selling vegan tamale dinner plates and/or other vegan food! For more information contact Sliceoflifecomedy@gmail.com.”

International Saturdays
And later on on Saturday nights at the BLOCK off Biltmore…

WestSound’s Annual Red & Black Ball
I love WestSound! Their annual Red & Black Ball is Sunday, December 11, from 5 to 9 pm, at Olive or Twist, 81 Broadway. From FB: “It is that time again for WestSound’s Annual Red and Black Ball. We want to give you a head start on getting your Red and Black attire for our most festive event of the year! We always, and I mean always, have the best in fun, food and festivities. Oh and please be ready to dance! Olive Or Twist is a great place to dance the night away. Don’t miss out on this grand occasion! $25 couples, $15 single. For tickets call 828-258-2295.”


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