Just before sunrise, birds begin their “dawn chorus,” singing melodic, jubilant songs in the first light of morning. The music of birdsong welcomes the sun all the way around the globe each day, as it has for over 25 million years.


Northern Cardinals. Photo by Bonnie Barry.

I learned that magical fact at Organic Grower’s School, in a class called, “Introduction to Birds & Bird Language,” taught by Luke Cannon and Clint Corley. What a gift to live in a world with such extraordinary phenomena.

While I honestly am aflame with ideas for writing topics along my usual themes (oppression/liberation), today I am called to pause.

Pause because it’s spring.
Pause to review and adapt.
Pause and be replenished.
The birds are singing.

Carolina Chickadee in Redbud
Carolina Chickadee. Photo by Road’s End Naturalist.

On the spring equinox, adrienne maree brown published a characteristically nourishing post, which included:

“and now, in spite of everything that hurts and that makes us want to freeze it all…it is spring.

in spite of the snow and rain, it is spring.

in spite of the bombs and assassinations and corruption and disappointment and lies…it is spring.

we grieve. even in spring the predators eat and the greedy reach for our lives.

and yet there is beauty here, and beauty coming. new life is beginning to seek the sun from deep down in the darkness. it is a devastating world loves, but we are miraculous, we are plants and pounding hearts, we are wired for pleasure and we, you and i, we are shapers in the springtime.”

Eastern Bluebird. Photo by Richard Day.

As shapers, we pause so as not to push. The elder wisdom of, “There is so much to do, so we must go slow,” keeps finding it’s way into my ears and my heart. We can savor our steps and pursue our purpose with wonder.

Another writer of nourishing words, Chani Nicholas, offered a new moon in pisces affirmation for my rising sign, gemini, that declares:

“I know that, professionally, joy relies on me to find it, feature it, and fill the empty spaces of my career with it. I know that I need to make a conscious choice to bring more pleasure into my pursuits. To bring more connection into my work-life. 

I balance my efforts with an effortless joy.”


Pause, and seek ways to weave delight into the days.

To close, I’d like to again express my gratitude to folks who let me know that my writing is valuable to them. My last post, “Gentrification Hurts,” struck a chord with people from a variety of neighborhoods. May my work contribute to positive cultural shifts.

Thank you for reading.


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