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Se Ve Se Escucha

“Language justice is about interpretation and translation, but it’s also about building meaningful relationships to organize and transform our communities. Se Ve Se Escucha is a podcast about language justice in its many different forms: as cultural organizing, self-determination, racial justice and honoring languages in all the ways they are spoken. The Center for Participatory Change has brought you workshops, training videos, webinars, and a teaching curriculum, and is now excited to bring you a brand new podcast. Join Ada and Andrea, along with special guests from the US and global South, as they discuss what it means to be seen and heard.”

I have enjoyed the first few episodes!

Asheville Community Media Community Action
Asheville delegation at the Allied Media Conference. Photo: JMPRO TV

Allied Media Conference Report

As I announced in May, the Asheville Community Media Collective had the opportunity to attend the Allied Media Conference in Detroit in June as a delegation. It was an incredible experience on many levels. Click here to read our report about AMC on the JMPRO TV website, with links to photos and video.

With Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale at the Allied Media Conference. Photo: Yozet Aec/JMPRO TV


Five Ways to Center People of Color” – Fakequity

White People Are Noticing Something New: Their Own Whiteness” – New York Times

Editorial: We’re talking about white supremacy and anti-Blackness (and you should too)” – Scalawag

A sociologist examines the ‘white fragility’ that prevents white americans from confronting racism” – New Yorker

Washington D.C. is being sued for gentrification” – Blavity

Residents in tourism hotspots have had enough. So what’s the answer?” – The Guardian

What Happens When Your City Becomes Bachelorette Central?” – Buzzfeed News

Plenty of food for thought for you until next time. 


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