Reflections and a request for responses

Today I pause to reflect on these writings. As I hope my readers ascertain, my purpose is to use my voice to contribute to collective liberation. My essays often analyze how systems of oppression operate, while illuminating the work of those who are building alternatives to those systems. They offer critiques while showcasing creative solutions. My intention is to weave myself into the stories of white supremacy/patriarchy/etc., taking this journey alongside those of you who are also seeking transformation. My intention is also to motivate action and change. And so I ask, am I?


Many of you have told me that you appreciate my writing, that it helps you, that you share it with your friends and discuss it with your families. What I am interested in knowing is what specific changes have you experienced as a result of reading? What action has been spurred by these words? Of course, I know you are absorbing numerous influences beyond my work, and perhaps you cannot make a direct connection back to anything I’ve written. If you can, however, I’d love to hear about it.

Lately I’ve been feeling like bird sitting here on my perch chirping about things I think are important, not sure how I’m helping the other birds. I need to hear some chirps back. Chirps to help me measure the impact of what I’m doing, and hopefully to help me refine and improve. Because I am only interested in spending my time composing these pieces if they are making a difference.

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Related, I have a friend who gets overwhelmed reading my essays and suggested I do a “pop-up” where I speak for “15 minutes,” and folks can drink “white wine spritzers” and ask questions. What do you think about that idea? Worth the effort to try and organize?

My writing is for people who already aware and care about justice. I am not likely to open a closed mind. My readers are ready to be uncomfortable. When I write, I am focused on those who are willing to use the discomfort that comes with an expanded understanding to move towards new ways of being. Ways of being that hopefully can touch minds and hearts around them. May our networks of influence continue to grow.

All of this to say, I’d like to hear from you. Respond to this post if you’re a subscriber, or click here to fill out my contact form. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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Celebrate and Support

Extraordinary WOMEN
The cover story of the latest issue of the Urban News features three of Asheville’s badass Black leaders and creators. Click here to read.

Have you been following JMPRO Community TV? They have added some new regular features to their bilingual programming such as an informative weekly local politics update. You can follow their community-centered content via Facebook or YouTube. Last week they produced a great bilingual story covering the Asheville Black Mamas “End Money Bail” Bail Out Action, which you can watch here.

Hood Huggers International is raising funds to purchase a new bus for Hood Tours, which will allow them to reach more people as they continue their important work towards “Rebuilding Affrilachia.” Click here to find out more and donate.

The time is now to make a donation to support Nuestro Centro’s third annual RAICES Summer Camp, which is an “educational and cultural space” that offers community, care, education, enrichment, and leadership development for over 40 Latinx children from the Emma community in Asheville. Click here to give.

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Thank You

As I look for feedback, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for those of you who have supported my writing through a one time or periodic donation, with a monthly gift through my Patreon page or PayPal. You help keep this garden of ideas flourishing.

Much love.


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10 thoughts on “Reflections and a request for responses

  1. Ami,

    Though I often don’t have time to read your posts thoroughly, or even at all, I appreciate them when I do read them. I appreciate your honestly and your willingness to be uncomfortable. You know I share your views and beliefs on inclusion and bridge building but I can always use the spark that you often give me.

    Keep up the good & important & necessary work.


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  2. Ami, I certainly think You must continue with these writings. I read almost every one of them and the content is heavy and I do take in some of it and I have tried to live my life in a different way, as a result. I have a long, long way to go but every step in the right or better direction does make a tiny difference.

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  3. I appreciate your posts very much.Following along as you are thinking deeply, acting with integrity, sharing ideas and resources, and asking hard questions helps me do the same. I’m also glad to know about programs, events and things that you highlight that I probably wouldn’t have found out about otherwise.

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  4. I look forward to seeing your writing appear in my inbox as I always learn something new – whether it’s an insight about white privilege that I want to better understand or something innovative happening in Asheville that’s off the radar. Sometimes I forward them to people that I think will benefit, and other times, I simply reflect on what you’ve written. The impact lingers!

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  5. I met you at a breakfast last summer and have been on your list since then. Based on your recommendations, I took Building Bridges and REI training and will be joining the caucuses. I’m working on the Asheville Interfaith Dismantling Racism initiative; we recently interviewed 26 African American leaders (I did 10 of those).

    I’m very grateful for your guidance and your blog.

    Regarding the suggestion from your overwhelmed friend, I don’t have time for that. I’d rather have your lengthy uncomfortable essays that I can forward on to like-minded activist friends than go somewhere to a pop up and drink white whine spritzers (typo intentional; actually, that’s how I read her suggestion). (I hope that made you laugh!)


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    1. This is all great to hear! And you definitely made me laugh, I think you read her suggestion correctly, and really, who has time for that? ; )



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