“Liberatory Accountability”

Marisol Jiménez of Tepeyac Consulting has a webinar series coming up called “Liberatory Accountability.” Registration closes at the end of the day this Friday, August 30.

Here is a description of what to expect:

The work of liberation and dismantling systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonization calls on each of us to not only tackle the systems all around us, but also to pull out their roots within us. However, many of us come to this work carrying the heavy weight of trauma as survivors of intimate violence, collective oppression, and ancestral grief. While it can be said that movement work is medicine, the journey of healing in community can be a challenging one; even retraumatizing. 

We are all worthy of having our pain witnessed, our struggles supported, and our flawed selves welcomed. We are all also responsible for deepening our capacity to understand how our survival strategies can also cause harm. This practice of healing from trauma is both a personal and a political mandate as we vision and build as many paths as we can to liberation.

This webinar series will give us an opportunity to look at how trauma becomes embodied in us in ways that then get played out in our collective efforts. Together, we will reflect on how our activated trauma shows up when we are sharing spaces of so much dynamic tension and urgency further escalated by the realities of power, privilege, and oppression. So, how do we begin to recognize and honor each other’s struggles while also holding each other accountable? What are the ways that we can begin to move through shame when we cause harm – intentional or not – to those around us? What would be needed for us to find the possibility for liberation through the deep healing that comes with trauma-informed accountability? What would it mean to see these practices on a collective level? 

Join me (and some surprise guests) for a 3-part webinar series:

September 5 (6pm EST) – Embodied Trauma and Collective Resiliency

September 26 (6pm EST) – Working with Shame and Shadows

October 24 (6pm EST) – Liberatory Accountability Practices

In addition to these one-hour webinars (which you will get a recordings of), you will receive study guides and journal prompts between each session to deepen your reflection and learning. There is also a package option that includes a one-hour coaching call.

Click here to register by Friday, August 30th.

That’s it for today! Peace.