Quietly active

As we approach the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, the stillness inside me is demanding more space. I’ve already been cultivating quiet – posting fewer essays, taking a social media fast (except for a tiny bit of twitter), and of course having minimal social engagement. Still I seek deeper quietude, the most subtle songs of the season.

Balancing reflection with connection, I am grateful to be a part of transformative community action. Since November 2019 I have been working with Colaborativa La Milpa, a collective with the mission to activate, build capacity, and support community-based organizations to ensure their impact and sustainability. With five incredible member organizations, Colaborativa La Milpa was created by Latinx immigrant leaders in the Emma community to fortify its members through grant writing, bookkeeping, fiscal sponsorship, work planning, and more.

So while I haven’t published many pieces this year, I’ve written a bunch, dedicating myself to bringing resources to the powerful work of these groups. It’s been an honor to weather the storms of 2020 with such caring and visionary community organizers. As you plan your end of the year giving, I would be remiss not to invite you to donate to the collaborative as a whole and/or any of the members – you can find links at colaborativalamilpa.org.

To you kindhearted readers, subscribers, and patrons: many thanks for the continued trust as I post less and prayerfully investigate how my writing may re-emerge next year. May it be of use for the greater good.

Sending infinite love/amor.

Ami Worthen, 2020. photo: lydia see

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