Nourish Hope

Friends, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using my personal writing time for a long-term project, and have not had space to write for this site. In lieu of an essay, here are two recently released treasures to fortify your heart, inspire imagination, and nourish hope.

“Hope is a discipline”

These remarks for Jubilee 2021 by Miriame Kaba, which include her regular reminder that “hope is a discipline,” are right on time. Drink up.

And I’ll add another plug for Kaba’s essential new book, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us. It’s brilliant and an incredible resource.

Art by Monica Trinidad. Words by Miriame Kaba.

Hallowed Ground

The profound, gorgeous, moving new documentary, Eyes on the Prize: Hallowed Ground (which I believe is Part 1 of a series), is now available to watch for free here:

“Academy award nominee Sophia Nahli Allison’s new documentary special honors Henry Hampton’s masterpiece Eyes on the Prize (1987-1990) and conjures ancestral memories, activates the radical imagination and explores the profound journey for Black liberation through the voices of the movement. A portal through time, Eyes on the Prize: Hallowed Ground is a mystical and lyrical reimagining of the past, present, and future.

Explore additional educational materials about social justice and stream Eyes On the Prize: Hallowed Ground at”

Sending love in these dynamic days and transformative times. May we take care of each other.