Here’s to Another Year of Action

Happy New Gregorian/Western Calendar New Year! I look forward to the new years that different folks will celebrate in the coming days. Anyway, here we are with a quick post about a few items of note. Black Asheville 2014 First off, I am belated in sharing the blog post Sheneika Smith of Date My City wrote in December entitled, “Black Asheville 2014: Transformative Milestones.” I encourage you to click that title and read it – the post highlights positive initiatives that are happening on institutional and grassroots levels. It’s inspiring, and you may discover some exciting things going on in … Continue reading Here’s to Another Year of Action

The Color of Asheville

The Color of Asheville ( is a new website created by Sasha Mitchell. Sasha is a family and community historian, among other things. The site is described as “a network of connection serving and celebrating Asheville’s African American Community.” Specifically: “This site was formed to meet the need for connectivity between members of Asheville’s African American Community and our need to support our locally owned businesses, professionals and community happenings. We will include activities and events, a directory of Black-owned businesses, professionals, service providers and clubs. In addition, we will include articles about Asheville’s African American history to document and … Continue reading The Color of Asheville