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Luis Carlos

Entrepreneur Luis Carlos recently launched, a bilingual website for Spanish-speaking tourists and locals. On Monday he posted, “Today we start our bilingual blog in an effort to promote diversity in our city. I invite you to be part of the change we want to see happen in Asheville, and we thank our friend Ian Doko for his contribution to our community as an immigrant. If you like and want to join our efforts follow our Facebook page and suggest to your friends. Asheville para todos, en un intento de promover la diversidad les invito a seguir nuestro blog, hoy les presento a el chef mexicano por cierto Ian Doko, un ejemplo de la contribución de la comunidad inmigrante a nuestra ciudad.” Click here to read the post

Descubre Asheville also is creating the “Project Asheville United” directory: “Join our directory and become part of our local effort to promote diversity, tolerance, and to show your support for a community that embraces Love and Understanding. Every quarter we will donate 40% of the cost of your membership to local organizations (non-profits) working directly with education, diversity and equity. Beginning this January and until April 2017 we have chosen to collaborate with CIMA, a local social justice organization that works with issues concerning the Spanish-speaking immigrant population. Project Asheville United is created with the goal of channeling support for organizations and individuals working on creating a city that is inclusive and respectful of diversity.”

This is all muy bueno in my opinion!

Sala Dancing
Latin Rhythms & Salsa Saturdays. Photo by Jack Sorokin for Mountain Xpress.

Latin Rhythms & Salsa Saturdays
In other lovely Latino news, last week Mountain Xpress ran “The BLOCK off Biltmore hosts Latin Rhythms & Salsa Saturdays,” featuring a wonderful cultural option for your Saturday nights. “Oskar Santana and Jamie Singh are responsible for organizing the event, which began in 2013…While the Latin Rhythm night is for dancing, the organizers also want the event to serve as a hub. ‘We want to have a place for the community to dress up, have fun. A place to be safe and happy,’ Singh says.” We cannot underestimate the value of music and dance and connection. Hope to see you on the dance floor!

¡Hasta pronto, amigos!


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